Care tips

Lisianthus is a strong flower with a long vase life. Below you can find a few tips to ensure a good vase life.

  • Use a clean glass vase with clean drinking water. A poorly cleaned vase contains bacteria that affect the lifespan of the flowers.
  • Always add cut flower food. This prolongs vase life by at least one week.
  • Please make sure that no leaves are hanging in the water. This prevents the formation of bacteria.
  • Avoid bright sunshine and too high temperature. A cool spot extends vase life.
  • Prevent strong temperature fluctuations and draughts. Temperature fluctuations and draughts can cause botrytis (grey mould). Lisianthus is very sensitive to this.
  • When buying lisianthus pay attention to the ripeness. The branch is ripe enough when at least two flowers on one branch are open and well coloured. Unripe branches will not do well on the vase.