Growers since 1989

Lisianthus growers of outstanding quality

Since 1989 we, Wim and Hans van den Berg, are growers of single-flowered Lisianthus. On the Zwartendijk in Naaldwijk we grow Lisianthus on 4.5 hectares. We have a wide assortment that we can supply on a daily basis, including two-coloured Lisianthus. Our company Berg Lisianthus stands for innovation. As one of the first Lisianthus growers, we have been able to supply Lisianthus all year round since 1994.

By continuously discovering and developing, we want to market Lisianthus well. We enjoy growing our beautiful and special flowers day and night and make sure that you can enjoy them for a long time.

Wide Assortment

Single and double flowered, varied colours and double coloured. We have it all!

Excellent service

Close to the auction, self-owned sales, fast switching and self-owned transport makes us flexible!

Pure passion

Since 1989 we have been growing the most beautiful Lisianthus as a family business full of passion!

Then and now

Our story started in 1850


Accommodation at Zwartendijk

We go back to the year 1850. Family van den Berg settles on the Zwartendijk in Naaldwijk.


Construction of first greenhouse

The first ”wall-greenhouse” was built and still stands today.


Official establishment

In 1989 the first generation van den Berg starts breeding the Lisianthus.


Year-round breeding

By continuously innovating, the company cultivates Lisianthus all year round.


Extension to 10 hectares

With the purchase of several pieces of land, the total land area expands to 10 hectares.


Development of new buildings

The greenhouse became too small and investments were made in a new building.


Expansion of new company

Under the name Berg Lisianthus, the greenhouse will be further expanded.


Purchase of new planter

Purchase of a brand new planter.

World-class quality

Grower of the highest quality Lisianthus

Extreme passion for our profession, generations of experience and constant innovation. This is how we have been able to grow the highest quality Lisianthus for years. We work day and night to grow these special flowers that you can enjoy to the fullest.

Grown especially for you

The versatile Lisianthus

Lisianthus is a unique, fresh and fine flower. Grown in many different varieties and colours, there is a Lisianthus to suit everyone’s taste. Perfect for in a bouquet or a vase and indispensable in corsages and beautiful flower arrangements. You can find this unique flower anywhere.